Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello, hello?

So sorry for the lack of posts. Just haven't been feeling it lately. I finally caved and joined's pretty neat. I suppose that's what's been absorbing my blog time.

That, and just hanging out with my kids. We've finished our playroom and craft room, so we now have a new and improved place to waste our afternoons.

Preschool is going well. We all are loving it. Well, JA and I are. Jack is still adjusting to where his sister is all morning.

So that's it. That's all I got for now. I'll try not to be a stranger.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

In Denial

Tomorrow is Jordan Ann's first day of preschool. I've packed her little backpack, filled with her fresh school supplies. I have her dress hanging in her room, next to her bloomers, pink sandals and pink bow. Before bed, I answered her 378 questions about what preschool would be like, who she would play with, what she would color and a practice round of the Pledge of Allegience (so she would remember how it goes "just in case they said it together".) But in the quiet of my house, I can't help but think that tomorrow is not happening. I am in complete and utter denial. Yes, I want her to go to school, learn, play, experience new things. But I also want her right next to me, under my wing as long as possible.

So tonight when I go in to check on her one last time, I just might get into the bed next to her, and think back on the days when it was just me and her all day everyday. I can remember playing face-to-face on the floor for tummy time, swaddling her every naptime and bedtime, watching her learning to play by herself in the pack and play, and finally when she was 16 1/2 months watching her decide it was time to finally take some steps. My, how far we've come in four short years. And now, preschool. Wow.

Don't blink. It's all happening way, way too fast.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Leapin' Lizards

I love the movie, Annie. My favorite part was the song and dance that all the orphans did where they jumped across the beds. And of course, the part where Daddy Warbucks, Grace and Annie see the Rockettes.

But this post is not about the movie. Lizards, yes. Annie, no.

Ummm, I have a lizard in my house. Right now. As I type.

I just put the kids down for their naps and went into the kitchen to let the dog in. Right there just as I was about to step over it, is a black and green lizard. My heart jumped into my throat and started beating out of control.

What do I do?

I quickly went into my closet for a shoe box. I remember my mother capturing a lizard in a shoe box one time. Slowly, I came from behind and successfully covered the lizard. As I'm bent down over it, I think to myself, "Now what?"

I looked over to the kiddie table and noticed a book - JA's Disney princess book, the size of an Encyclopedia Brittanica. I slid the box and lizard across the kitchen floor until I could reach the book.

Currently, the lizard is taking up residence in the box with the Disney princesses as his roof. I think I'll let my macho man take over when he gets home.

Let's just hope the dog doesn't sniff out the lizard and the kids don't move the box in the meantime.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Need A Travel Agent

We want to take a fall family vacation, but have no idea where to go. Wes has time off and it's a use-it-or-lose-it sort of thing. So unless we can figure out a place to go, we'll be wasting his time off here at the house. No fun. Especially for me, who is "here at the house" all the time.

Help me. We talked about Gatlinburg. He's been there, I haven't. I don't know anything about the place, other than there's Dollywood and some sort of apple orchard we could go to. Have you been? Would you recommend my family of four going?

Where's somewhere else? It needs to be family friendly, within a reasonable day's drive, and fun. Those are our requirements.

So whatcha got?