Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Sticker Lady

This morning I had to run into the grocery store for ONE THING! JA was at preschool and it was almost time to pick her up, and very close to lunchtime for Jack. As I was trying to figure out the Kodak print machine, he was whining, crying, making a scene. I had my hand on his in the buggy but my back was turned. I realized that he was very quiet, all of a sudden. I turned around to find a little old lady hunched over, with her purse propped onto the buggy, digging deep into the abyss of her bag. (We all know the types.)

So she happily pulls out a sheet of Norman Rockwell stickers. She took a second to peel back several of the corners and proudly hands them to Jack. He and I both said thank you and she just smiled and went back to her shopping. Not another word was said.

I hope that when I grow older, that I remember to tuck sheets of stickers into my bag to give away at the grocery store to fussy children and their mommies. She was a blessing to me today. I only wish I knew how I could return the favor.


Alissa said...

My grandmother was one of those can't pay her back, just pay it forward!

Wilson said...

How sweet!

Linkis Family Love said...

Angels come in all shapes, sizes, and at the pefect times!