Friday, October 30, 2009

Dear Toy Story,

You are a life-saver. Let's start at the beginning...

Today has been a very busy day, beginning around 3:30 when the rain and wind woke me up. I had to tee-tee. Once back in bed, I couldn't go back to sleep. Wes was tossing and turning. Neither one of us could go back to sleep. I had asked him to wake me up this morning at 5:45. So at 5:00 right when I was beginning to doze again, he shook me and said, "Didn't you want me to wake you up at 5:00?" Ummm, no. So we tossed and turned until I finally got up at 6:15.

I had 14 sandwiches to make this morning for JA's Harvest Party. And since we were trunk-or-treating, I thought it would be fun to make pumpkin muffins for the grownups.

At 7:00 the kids woke up. At 7:23, Wes asked me what time we needed to leave. I told him no later than 8:10. I think his head spun around three times. All of us were still in jammies and the kids were just sitting down for breakfast.

Snow White had to get dressed and her mother could not go dressed as the "mean old hag" from the book. And as much as Jack wanted to wear his Woody costume, his class wasn't dressing up. That took some serious convincing this morning.

We were in the car pulling out at 8:12. That was good enough.

So after the trunk-or-treating and the Harvest Party, I went to get an oil change in my car. I waited for almost 1 1/2 hours. Hungry. Mentally making a list of everything else I needed to do. Reading an "In Touch Weekly" from back in February. Talk about old news.

Went to Walmart to start Christmas shopping. And I seriously couldn't concentrate on what I was shopping for. Amazingly, Strawberry Shortcake had a Spider-Man body. And the Hot Wheels were riding on My Little Ponies. All the lights were brighter than usual, sounds were louder. I had to get out of there. I took a detour to the magazine aisle, got a Christmas magazine instead and took myself out to a quickie lunch until the 2:00 pickup.

After we got home and sorted through the 12 lbs. of candy accumulated this morning, I got out our dear friend, Toy Story. Bless you. We laid out a pallet, put on our pajamas and snuggled up for about 45 minutes. Woody and Buzz, you allowed me to close my eyes for some sweet peace.

I think I would have fallen asleep had it not been for a foot to the face when the mean dog came on.

PS: I think all Toy Story merchandise should come with a GPS option. I would upgrade in a second so that all our Woodys could be located with the push of a button. They're just that important at our house.


Kelly Kennedy said...

Hahaha! Love your sweet story and funny day! Hope you got some rest. 101 Dalmations always saves me. Wish I had one of those muffins right now....

Wilson said...

Very sweet! That snuggle time in front of a movie is always the best!