Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Extravaganza

Here's to the Royal Wedding! I'm letting JA stay home from school tomorrow (it's just kindergarten, right?) for a Royal Wedding Extravaganza, complete with royal activities planned for the entire day. I made her an invitation that she will receive tomorrow morning. Then she has a coupon book with tickets that she can cash in throughout the day for eight different royal activities. She doesn't know exactly what I've got planned, but she knows something is going to happen. She just keeps skipping through the house asking for hints. I love that she is as excited as I am. (Of course, I realize that I encourage that excitement just a tad.)

Here's our list of activities and a link to the source of some of the royal fun!

  • Baking scones

  • Decorating a wedding cake

  • Decorating fancy lady hats

  • Coloring royal wedding sheets

  • Doing royal pedicures

  • Writing and illustrating a wedding book

  • Creating wedding bouquets

  • Coloring and cutting out paper dolls

Not one who misses a thing, JAtold me she wanted me to wake her up in the middle of the night so she could watch all the TV coverage of the wedding. Love that! So she and I will get a super early start in the morning. Maybe I should go to bed now?!

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Wilson said...

How fun! Will you be my mommy? :)