Thursday, March 3, 2011

Summer Smocking

I'm getting started on smocking for Grant's summer clothes. I just finished a new pattern, Jeffrey from Children's Corner and had to quickly make a second outfit so I wouldn't forget what I learned the first time around. These are the first outfits I've made with a smocked insert in a john john pattern. It was easier than I was expecting it to be, once I got started on the project.

The light blue geometric john john was the first outfit I made, with a smocking design I came up with when my original plan to smock baby ducks didn't fit onto the insert correctly. There is always Plan B in sewing at my house!

The monkey john john was project #2. (I didn't add the socks on the monkey as the smocking plate shows, I liked them better plain.) I am pleased with how they turned out - it was the first time I made my own piping and used snaps to close the crotch. (I've used buttonholes in the past or just used a finished seam for Jack's outfits after he was potty trained.)

Both outfits are 6 months and are fully lined. Honestly, it blows my mind when I see these finished outfits! I never would have thought a couple years ago that I would be able to sew, smock or put something together like this. If I can do it, so can you!!

Now I just can't wait to dress him up in these sweet summer clothes!


Sarah Broadus said...

thats awesome. you have so much talent!!!

Pamela said...

Love how the monkeys turned out! cute cute!Still waiting on my lesson btw:)

Sonia Wells said...

Awesome!!! I absolutely adore them!!!