Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three Year Old Theology

The other day, Jack and I were in the car on our way to preschool. He had been singing his little heart out about Daniel in the lion's den.

After the song was over, he said, "Mommy, I wish I was in the bible."

Me: "Really? Who would you be like?"

Jack: "I'd want to be Daniel. Wait, no, I wouldn't want to be in that lion's den. I'd be afraid."

Me: "Well, I bet Daniel was afraid, too. But you know what? God was there with him and he'd be there with you, too."

Jack: "Nuh-uh. God wouldn't be there with me in person!"

Me: "You don't think so? Why not?"

Jack: "Momma, God lives in my heart."

I didn't have a response. Other than to wipe the tear from the corner of my eye.

I'm reading a book, "The Ministry of Motherhood" right now. It's one of those books that is reaching in and touching my heart with each chapter. Topics such as discovering your own calling as a mother using the acronym GIFTS --- the five gifts you give your children. This book has entered my life at the perfect time, as I have been seeking answers and direction on reaching the hearts of my children.

The Lord knows that I often need reinforcement and affirmation regularly. He graciously and lavishly pours it into my life just when I need it most. That conversation in the car between a boy and his mommy? I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit was speaking through Jack and his three-year-old theology to reinforce what I am reading, seeking, and praying. Right there driving down the road, He spoke. And I was listening.

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