Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All In One Day

Yesterday was a big day. It started off with laundry, as all Mondays at my house do. Afterwards, we hitched a ride with Wes's mom to preschool, since Wes was driving my car and his was in the shop (needing a new transmission, no less.) Borrowed her car and went to the gym. Would later pay severly for all the exercising. Came home to find out that I washed laundry PLUS a pullup. Had to seperate the clothes and rewash in two loads. That set me back a tad. But it was okay. Jack then helped me dust mop the floors. I scrubbed bathrooms. Changed sheets and made beds. Picked up JA from preschool and went to lunch with Wes's mom, still dressed in my workout-and-cleaning-house clothes. Nice. Came home, put the kids to bed. Attacked my closet.

Yes, this is where it gets good. I purged. I pulled more clothes off the hangers than I left hanging. I am determined to simplify. (One of my resolutions, but yet to be posted here, which is another story entirely. I may or may not get to it.) So after finished the bottom rack, I realized all the dust and hair (I know that sounds so incredibly gross, but that's what it was. My hair falls out constantly and it's all my children's fault.) had turned into tumbleweeds in the corners on these concrete floors. So I got on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors. Found a penny, heads up. Then, what did I find next????

I found my diamond earring that has been missing for more than a year. These are the ones that Wes gave me when Jordan Ann was born. In fact, I remember so clearly laying her down on the hospital bed next to me to open the little box for these earrings. Can I tell you how excited I was. Now, I know these earrings aren't the biggest and most perfect earrings, but they are to me. So, so special. And to know that they could have been swept away so easily.

What a reward for cleaning out your closet?! Moral of the story? If you're missing something, clean out your closet. Get on your hands and knees and scrub the floors. You might find just what you're looking for. Or maybe just a penny.


Amy said...

I can't tell you how many times I've washed a pull up. There is NOTHING worse. But, great news about the earring. That is such a great feeling. I try not to get attached to "things" but sometimes you just can't help it. Glad you got so much done.

Kelly Kennedy said...

Oh, what a wonderful story! I'm so glad you found your earring. I know you were so happy. Sometimes the greatest treasures are in the most unlikely places.

Tyanne said...

Yeah, glad you found your earring!

The Potin Family said...

hey Carly! it's Jean Anne (James) Potin :) I enjoy reading your blog - follow by way of Emily Kent Gardner's and I hope you wouldn't mind, but I've added your site to my blog list. I enjoy so much seeing your little ones and keeping up with them through Papa Billy! They are just precious. Glad you found that earring! Sounds like that day turned out to be nothing short of perfect :)