Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carrier Cover

My sweet friend, Pamela, has a beautiful baby Macy Kate. When Macy Kate was born, Pamela crafted the most adorable car seat cover. I asked if she would make me one, once she began sewing again. Even better, she shared her secret on how to do it!

Pamela recently came over for a morning of sewing. (Our older children were at school and Macy Kate just watched from the bumbo and played on the floor quietly - THE ENTIRE TIME!!! I seriously hope my baby is cut from the same mold as she was!) Anyway, Pamela walked me through the process, used her serger where necessary and left me to finish the rest. What a fun project and oh-so-much-cheaper than the ones in the stores.

Here is the result. I couldn't be more pleased! And what a great way to re-use something from other children, but make it new again for the new baby?! Thank you, Pamela, for sharing your skills with me!


Pamela said...

CARLY!! It turned out great!!! I LOVE it!! The canopy looks fabulous!! I loved seeing your sewing room and you have a great sewing table by the way;) I would love to do it again sometime, anytime:) Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Sarah Broadus said...

SO adorable!!!