Tuesday, November 1, 2011

praise the Lord and scripture memory

A quick post today...

If you have seen my dear baby in the past two months or so, you may have noticed a red spot just below his left eye. It's been growing and growing, so we were referred to a dermatologist for her opinion on what to do with it. We went today, she easily identified it as a pyogenic granuloma (say that three times fast!) and offered to take care of it for us.

Oh how this day was prayed for. It was just one of those things I was anxious about in a subtle way. I trusted it would all go well, but we're dealing with my baby's baby face here! Really, the thought of someone cutting on him that close to his eye made my heart beat fast. I prayed specifically for a peace to come over me that when I met this doctor , I would feel comfortable and cared for. When this sweet lady came into the room, her voice was so precious and gentle, Grant just laid his head back and listened to her. He was so still and let her look closely as his face and he just smiled. I immediately felt comfortable and cared for. Thank you, Lord for answering a mommy's earnest prayer.

A team of two nurses and the doctor oversaw the removal of his red spot. Amazingly, Grant laid still in my lap as I rubbed his hands and the nurses played peekaboo in between shots, a scalpel and silver nitrate. Through it all, he never made a peep. Oh my, praise the Lord, he's such a dear baby!

As I sat still, holding my child, helpless and trusting a team of sweet strangers, the only thing that came to mind was a series of scriptures I have been working on with Jordan Ann . I began reciting these verses in my mind, over and over and over. What a peace came over me! Praise the Lord for these verses.

Psalm 56:3 - "When I am afraid, I will trust in you."

After the first peekaboo and he smiled up at the nurses, Psalm 100 - "Shout for joy to the Lord all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness, come before him with joyful songs..."

And when it was all over, Isaiah 43:1 - "Do not fear for I have redeemed you. I have summoned you by name, you are mine." Interesting, if you know about the delivery I experienced almost exactly one year ago with this precious child, Isaiah 43:1 is the verse I meditated on as I was being wheeled into surgery and the unknown. Coincidence? No. Not when I am trusting a God like mine.

So, praise the Lord with me today. He continues to shower his blessings down in so many ways. I wanted to share this story, so that through it you could take time to count yours. Leave a comment and tell me how you have been blessed today.


Alissa said...

So glad you're back! Your blog always has a great story to tell...and often a lesson.

I love reading another blog about a mom trying to raise her children right...I'm sure you will love it, too! It's


Take a look at it...in all of your spare time!

Carrie said...

I so desperately needed to hear those verses today. For many reasons actually. So thank you.
Glad it went well today.