Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Catch Up {Part 1 - Sewing}

Since so much has been going on since I abandoned this blog back in the spring, I am thinking about trying to play a little bit of catch up each Thursday.


One thing that's been keeping me busy is sewing and smocking. Oh, how I love it. When the sweet ladies at the sewing store ask if there's anything else I need, I wish for some "time in a bottle." So, back in the spring, I posted about getting ready for Easter outfits. I loved, loved, loved how these turned out. JA has asked for another dress just like hers in blue or purple or both ("whatever you think would be best, mommy.") No pressure, right?

I learned so much making that dress. These patterns never look that hard in the store! Never in my life have I taken out so many seams making two rows of "grow tucks" at the ruffle. I ended up getting a full history lesson on the purpose of adding tucks to a dress (I'll spare you the details) as I read online and watched on YouTube how to make them correctly. Although, as I was ironing it that morning and looking at it all again, I still don't think I did it right. You can't tell, can you?

Here's the final result of that stack of fabric in that earlier post.

Since Easter, I have made several more dresses, bubble suits and johnjohns. Even a pair of cowboy pants for a preschool roundup for the most excited 4-year old there! I may or may not have pictures of all these projects, but if I do, are you interested? If so, I'll post. Otherwise, I'll move on to Catch Up {Part 2}.


Wilson said...

Wow! You are awesome!

Lil Miss Red T-Shirt said...

Pretty dress. I've never been able to make a pattern in my life.. I just sew and hope it sort of comes together.