Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Potty Time

So now that we're home from our vacations, I can face the inevitable. It's time. I can't ignore it any longer, as much as I'm NOT ready for this.

It's time to potty train Jack. He's constantly asking to use the potty and he's usually right on. He's going before bathtime regularly and I've just been pretending it's not happening. Isn't he too young for this? Don't boys potty train later than girls? Didn't I just finish potty training Jordan Ann? Are you serious?

I've gotten him those thick training pants that I loved for JA and a set of the cutest tighty-whities. I just couldn't introduce him to Cars and Transformers via his underwear. And there's something weird to me about having Elmo on your britches. So plain ole tighty whities it was.

Here's my dilemma, though. And if you have potty-trained a second child, please leave a comment and let me know what to do here. JA is Jack's biggest encourager. She's right behind me like a little duckling helping me do everything for him when it comes to pottying. She thinks she needs a reward when he goes, too. So, do I need to share with her, too? It seems like the same concept as giving every child in the family a present on a sibling's birthday. And that has always seemed ridiculous to me. But I have to admit, I do feel bad about dishing out candy rewards (even if it IS just two smarties or two m&m minis) and constantly telling her she can't have any. Your thoughts?

I seriously can't believe it's time! It seems like just yesterday I was making bottles for this baby!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Wyatt started training himself too recently. I do give Price two M&Ms too. I told them is is a family affair and he is really great at helping Wyatt.
Wyatt really loves when they go at the same time - the joy of 2 little boys:) And, Wyatt is usually more worried about giving Price his M's than getting his own.
Hope ya'll are well. And, now you are really going to get your welcome into the world of little boys - just wait to see what all comes next!

Amy said...

Oh, the joy of potty training. Caleb is two years older than Collin. And, both of my boys potty trained about 3 months before 3. Probably a little later than Jack. But, Caleb was 4 plus some months when Collin was potty training and I am pretty sure that I gave him the same rewards when he went to the bathroom. As silly as it was to reward my almost 5 year old for being trained, it seemed better than just rewarding him because Collin went to the bathroom. However, since my children were older, we didn't have to reward for long. A few days of excitement and rewards -- and no pull ups ever -- and they were done.

Happy training! I'm torn between dreading potty training Claire and being so excited. We've had someone in diapers for six year -- sometimes two at a time -- so I will be so happy when I can mark those off the Walmart list.


Wilson said...

Don't have any advice to offer since I haven't had to start potty training Landry yet, but good luck. You have our ultimate moral support!

odomfamilyfun said...

Caroline was so helpful with Hayes. She would & still does get so excited when he would go---it is a hoot to see her get so excited then he gets excited. I never really offered her a treat & she never really asked. I think she may have asked once or twice & I gave her one for being a helper, but it was not a barbie or anything, so I figured it wouldn't hurt :) Hayes was super easy, like less than 10 days and we were done. I thought he would be my child that would take forever---perhaps it was his cheerleader that made it so easy, who knows. I am just glad we are there...but oh so sad as the JON JON days are limited....okay, i may cry, gotta go...

odomfamilyfun said...

Oh, and our BIGGEST thing was the Disney underwear. Now you know I am the first one that HATES all of the (pardon me) "Character Crap" {but I am Disney's #1 fan}, but Hayes loved getting to pick out his 'pants'. He has NO CLUE who the people are, but he got so excited about the people on his big boy pants...& Caroline would tell him that 'Buzz Light Year doesn't like to be wet, so you can't tee-tee on him, okay Hayes"....