Monday, June 8, 2009

You Get What You Pay For

Consider this a fair warning. I feel like it's my civic duty to fill you in on this.

Tonight we had what was called a "snick-snack-snupper" when I was a child. Daddy's not home for supper and mommy doesn't really want to cook. So a frozen pizza it was. My children typically eat pizza with no problems and it was a dollar something at Walmart this morning. (Just call me el cheapo.)

At our regular dinnertime, Jack alerts me with constant whining. The child has an alarm strapped to him for every mealtime everyday. I knew they would both be hungry.

I popped in the pizza and 15 minutes later, voila. Supper.

I got out my cute pizza cutter and made adorable triangles for their plates. After I burned the fingerprints off my thumb and first finger, I thought it would be a good idea to cut Jack's up in little pieces. Jordan Ann requested full triangles.

Add some fruit and a cup of milk and I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Not the most wholesome, but sufficient.

I called them in to the table and they anxiously climbed into their chairs. I put their plates in front of them and Jordan Ann popped her thumb in her mouth and laid her head on the table. Jack ignored the pizza and put away the strawberries faster than you could say "strawberry."

"What is the big deal here?" I thought to myself. So, I tried a piece of it. Cardboard. Cardboard with nasty pizza sauce and cheese that resembled styrofoam, even cooked.

Neither of them would eat it. I couldn't blame them, though. It was terrible.

All the books say that if your kids don't eat what you put in front of them, don't give them another option. I stretched it a little on this one. I didn't want them to go to bed starving because I purchased a frozen pizza for a dollar something.

Yogurt for supper.

(I hope that doesn't make me a terrible mother. I'll try better tomorrow.)

And for future reference, don't buy frozen pizza for a dollar something, thinking you can take the easy way out and provide a fun meal for your children. Or if you do, be sure you get some yogurt, too.


Kelly Kennedy said...

Katherine ate Smarties for dinner. I'm going to pretend they were made with real fruit juice. Then she fell asleep at 6 pm with her clothes on. You win some, you lose some. Tomorrow is another day.

I have smocking class Thursday!!!! I'm so excited!

Erica said...

Please tell me this isn't "Jack's" brand pizza! I just picked it up at our Walmart..because it was cheap and I wanted to see if it was really different than the more $$ pizza we usually get! Guess we'll find out..and now I know to have a backup plan in place!

Carrie said...

Hmmm...MC eats ALOT of pizza for dinner - although they are hot pockets. I feel better about it because at least I buy the LEAN Pockets! hahahahahaha! be glad your kids eat yogurt!

Mommy said...

How funny! I do the same thing when daddy is not home for dinner. Tonight my girls had cereal with! I was LAZY! I've never bought frozen pizzas from Walmart, but thanks for the heads up :)

Amanda said...

I have many a "snick-snack-snupper" when Zack works late!