Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things to Remember About This Trip

1. Jack won't know he's sleeping in the closet if you don't tell him.

2. There ARE people who are sporting Kate's "porcupine" hairdo. I promise, I saw it with my own two eyes. I nearly fainted.

3. Don't try to be supermom and plan to take pics of your children swimming, forget and end up with the CAMERA swimming in two inches of water at the bottom of the pool bag. Broken. On the first day of the trip.*

4. Do try to take as many pictures as possible of all the landscaping (on the first day!) so that next spring, you can copy their flower bed and hanging basket combinations.

5. Bring twice as many drink boxes as you think you will need because mommy and daddy will want to drink them, too.

6. If travelling with two little ones, plan on not getting much nighttime sleep. Sleeping in one room = hard-to-settle for everyone.

7. Relax. Relax and enjoy all the simple things about family vacations. Such as climbing trees. Watching the fountains from our windows. Quacking at ducks. Sliding together down the waterslides. Reading stories with two babies in my lap at bedtime.

8. Take time to see vacations through your children's eyes and at their speed. It would be ridiculous to think you could linger over dinner and use linen napkins instead of scarfing down a $40 entree and mopping up with wet wipes.

9. Room service for breakfast beats the breakfast buffet every single time. Plus, when you take it out onto the balcony on a beach towel blanket, it's a wonderful breakfast picnic.

* Seriously. The camera is gone. The only way I have these pictures was because the card INSIDE the camera was not damaged and I used my parent's camera to download to my computer. Take pity on me and buy me a new camera. Please.


Wilson said...

The pictures are beautiful. Soooo sorry about your camera. :(

Sweet T said...

Oh NO!!! That's awful about your camera, but glad the card was saved. I don't get that Kate ''s like a reverse mullet. Glad you had a great time on your trip. The kids look so cute in their matching outfits. Love the red sandals!