Monday, July 20, 2009


Ahhh, the clock method. It's genius. Pure genius.

Saturday morning, both children woke up around 6:15. And started calling out for me. I went into their rooms, reminded them that they needed to wait until 7:00. Neither child was too excited about this. I went back to bed. Wes and I just laughed at ourselves as we listened to them hollering in the monitors. Humor makes everything better, right? We decided to go into their rooms a few minutes before 7 and have a New Year's Eve countdown. They were allowed to get up right when the clocks switched to 7:00. Day One - a small success.

Sunday morning, Jack woke up at 6:45 or so. Started calling out. I went into his room and told him to can it until 7:00. Nicely, of course. At 7:00, Wes went into his room and I went to check on Jordan Ann. Still sleeping, but woke up when I walked into the room. She and I even cuddled in her bed for a few minutes before Bulldozer Jack steamrolled us with sugar. So fun! Day Two - an even better success.

Monday morning, Jordan Ann woke up at 6:55. Started with her 6-syllable-momma. Wes was in the shower, so I didn't have his peer pressure to go into her room before 7:00. I waited. And at 7:00, she got up. We went to get Jack at 7:00, who had been quiet all along! Day Three - perfect.

But what made today so wonderful? Jordan Ann woke up with a dry pullup!! We have been talking about this for weeks now, trying to convice her to stay dry. We are even dangling a mighty fine carrot out there - a new bike. Today she finally did it. And boy is she proud of herself!

So tonight after swimming lessons, we are off to get JA new princess bicycle and "hamlet". (Helmet for those of you who don't understand kid-speak.)

Just a couple but major accomplishments around our household.

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Wilson said...

Yay for the clock trick!