Monday, July 6, 2009

Not One, But Two

Four year olds, that is. My cousin's sweet little girl, Campbell, is here to stay with us for a few days. She came back in October for the weekend and we're thrilled to have her back. She said to me tonight, "Do you remember the last time when we were here? We painted those bags like pumpkins." Yes, we did! She said she wanted to do it again. I told her to just wait, because I have lots more fun things planned.

You see, Campbell has a Christmas Day birthday. Pretty tough, I would think, to share a birthday with Jesus. So, we're having a Half Birthday Tea Party this week! They don't know it yet, but Jordan Ann and Campbell will be such ladies at this party.

And we have a special treat we're making tomorow. And we're riding horses at my uncle's house. And let's see? What else. Oh yes, of course, lots and lots of dress up for these two.

What fun it is to have two little girls wiggling and giggling about everything! And don't worry, Jack is still here. He's the token tag-a-long brother.

PS: Still no camera. So, since I can't post pics of all this fun, you'll have to think back to your best and most fun memory as a little girl and know that this is 100 times more fun!


Wilson said...

Sounds like lots of fun. She'll love coming to visit her cousins!

Kelly Kennedy said...

I want pictures of the tea party!! I'm a little tea obcessed these days...Did you see the article in MS Magazine? Cute.

Mimi said...

I have been "snooping" (guess you can call reading all your precious entries that) for a while but never commented. When I saw this, I just had to because I have a granddaughter also named Campbell. She (she's from Tennessee) & her 2 Georgia cousins were at my house all last week for Camp Mimi's Cousins' Camp--an annual event for the 3 oldest granddaughters (soon all 5 of them will be old enough to come). I surprised them this year with a Grandmother/Granddaughter Tea Party for all my friends who have granddaughters their ages. All the little ones dressed up in the "playclothes" before having "Tea and Lunch." Such fun with loads of sweet memories. You and your little ladies have fun, too!!!