Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our First Fort

Today the rain came. Not just your average thunderstorm. It was the rain that Forrest Gump talked about - "Little bitty stingin' rain... and big ol' fat rain. Rain that flew in sideways. And sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath."

Seriously, I was almost s-c-a-r-e-d. (I am so used to spelling that word so that I don't translate that to my children, one of which is a born scaredy cat.) Turns out that a tree snapped in our yard, I know Wes is anxious to be the lumberjack he's always dreamed of being.

Anyway, at about 3:20 today, we lost all power. It was the third time this week. And while I've gotten used to it, I had two kids who were stir crazy about 4 minutes into it. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but it was so dark outside, we couldn't see a thing inside without the flashlights.

Since I have been feeling 100 times better today, I morphed into "fun mom". I asked the kids if they wanted to build a fort. You probably could hear their hooray's wherever you live. It was a mighty fine fort, if I say so myself.

So there we were, crammed into the fort with blankets, pillows, three of Jack's bees, an enormous Hello Kitty, three flashlights and a couple books. When I noticed the lightning, I covered all four little ears and then waited for the thunder to come and go. As they were all cuddled up, Jordan Ann asked if I would rub them. So I did and then started singing Christmas carols. I think I sang every song that came to me - Away In A Manger, Rudolph, Jingle Bells.

Right as I was finishing up Deck The Halls, Jack proudly let out a huge fart. (Poot, pass gas, booty noise, these words do not describe the noise this child made. So, I'm sorry if you are offended by "fart".) He started belly laughing. JA was in hysterics. I was laughing at them laughing. Why are bodily functions so funny for a two and four-year-old? I'll never know.

But it was funny today, that's for sure. We played, fort until the lights came back on at 5:00. A very long afternoon, but so, so much fun!


Kelly Kennedy said...

Hahahahaha! Jack is a true little man!
You are such a fun mommy!Katherine played with playdoe and watched the Little Mermaid all afternoon!

Wilson said...

Hilarious! I can just seen what my future holds with Landry shortly. HA!