Friday, July 17, 2009

One of Those Weeks

Let's first say that I was on my way to the gym this morning desperately wishing for a nap-room instead of rows of treadmills and elliptical machines. I just wanted some peace and quiet in a dark room away from the world. Even 10 minutes. But no such thing. So onto the treadmill I hopped, listened to fun music and read a People. I suppose this is almost as good as a nap-room.

This week of swimming lessons, twice a day has been...exhausting. And I'm not even the one learning!

Day two of swimming lessons for JA was cancelled due to thunder and lightning. Which was fine for us because my two children were basically hiding under the covers in my bed most of the morning. Scaredy-cats. We made banana bread, played a sort and matching game that I've created and went on a safari through the house, complete with hats (thanks Carrie!).

Day three for JA was a disaster. She sat on the edge of the pool for 9 minutes (I watched the clock) and screamed. Turns out that Miss Brittany was a sub for Miss Joanna. For those of you who know my child, you realize that a change in teachers is never a good thing. She finally decided to quit wasting everyone's time and participate. And ended up having fun and did a good job. So off to Kroger we went for a little reward. (I don't usually use bribery. Just for big things. Like waking up in the morning with a dry pullup, more on this later. But in this case, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.) She selected a tacky Strawberry Shortcake baby with a bottle that you can fill with water, give the baby, and then watch it tee-tee. She doesn't know about Strawberry's tricks. I don't plan on cleaning up another booty around here.

Jack got a dinosaur. It's name is Rex. It doesn't tee-tee, thank goodness.

Wes has been out of town for the past few days and on the days he was here, he has left the house before sun-up practically. As a result, I've had a chance to work with Jack on his wake up habits. Mmmm, that sweet child. He is definitely his father's child when it comes to waking up. I think I've decided --- Jack and Wes are soul mates. Jack has an innate ability to call "my dahhhh-deeee" the very second his "dahhhh-deeee" leaves the house. Particularily very early in the morning. And I'm so far beyond caring if it disturbs Jordan Ann.

So Jack has been screaming. After a little while of fussing, then hollering, then crying, I'll go into his room, calmly reassure him that it's TOO EARLY to wake up and that he can get up soon. I'm on day four. It's getting better though. This morning, I was thrilled to see 6:40 when the child began waking up the world.

Tonight, I've implemented an alternate plan. I hear it's supposed to work wonders. We ate together as a family and went out for ice cream. Afterwards, we ran into Walmart. (As if you can "run" into Walmart. Ever. Much less with two small children and a husband.) We left with two digital clocks. I came home, plugged those babies in and my children are so excited! I got a sharpie and a stickie note and put a great big blue 7 on it. Stuck it next to the hour and instructed each child in no uncertain terms that when they wake up, they may call out only if it says 7 NOT 6. I'll let you know how it goes.

This week, I've also eliminated TV in the mornings. No Wiggles, no Playhouse Disney, or Sid the Science Kid. What a difference that has made! Plus, it is just much more pleasant with music on and no background noise from all those random characters. I have enough "characters" around here without adding in the cartoon variety.

Instead, they are playing their own games. I'm reading to them at breakfast. JA was singing to me this morning.

Maybe this is why I'm so tired tonight. But a small sacrifice to make, for happier, well-rested and therefore, well-behaved children.

It's been a good week, but one of "those" weeks that I'll remember forever.


Wilson said...

Good luck with the clock plan. My friend Amanda did that with her kids and it worked wonders. Her kids wouldn't think getting out of bed before it was time. Hope you have the same results. :)

Tyanne said...

We are down to one show a morning unless I have a lot to do here at the house. We have been hitting the pool pretty hard, especially with Reed here. Good luck with the clock, you know I love a late sleeper!

Jessica said...

Oh how I wish I could get Riley to understand the clock method....she has been a early riser from day one, and some days it just catches up to you....6:15 everyday can make a momma very grouchy! Good Luck with it!

Missy said...

The coolest part about the clock thing if you set it 15 minutes slow, they'll never know...