Monday, July 13, 2009

To Recap My Week With Two Four Year Olds

It was a wonderful week last week. I should have posted about it sooner, since Campbell left on Thursday. But it's been a busy few days since then with a family trip to the zoo, Wes's birthday, swimming and splashing outside, a baby shower, a children's clothes party, not to mention the regular stuff like eating and sleeping.

So now I'm sitting down to tell you how much fun we had. The Tea Party was a tremendous hit. The girls had a delightful time (as JA kept telling me). Luckily, Jack slept right through tea time, so we didn't have to worry about him bulldozing the dainty dishes. I moved our wooden kiddie table from against the wall in my kitchen to the middle of the room. I covered it with a white table cloth and added placemats with pink and green flowers embroidered on them. While they were napping, I went outside and got an arrangement of pink roses and fresh basil to make a tiny centerpiece. Our tea set is pink and green so the colors were perfect. I filled the teapot with tea and put little pink sugar wafer cookies and apple slices on the tray. Since it was a celebration for Campbell's half birthday, I had a little present next to her name card, wrapped in pink and green paper.

When the girls woke up from their naps, they walked into the kitchen to see their tea party and instantly, they started jumping up and down. I knew they would love it, but I was very excited myself to see how much they loved it all. The funniest thing - they carefully picked up their tea cups with both hands and BOTH of them held out their pinkies. They were such ladies, for sure.

Since Courtney wasn't able to be here, each night I would send her an email recapping our day so she could at least feel like she was a part of it all. Here's the email I sent on Wednesday night, before we said our goodbyes on Thursday morning:


i just peeked in on them before going to bed. i would give anything to have a camera right now. they are laying side by side in the MIDDLE of the bed. JA's forehead is touching Campbell's cheek. the covers are pulled up to their waists and both of them have their arms are on top of the covers. they look like peaceful baby dolls. they seriously don't look like they are real. it's the sweetest thing.

i'm not ready for campbell to leave. neither is JA. it's been such a fun time. we had a Half Birthday Tea Party today and they were such ladies. they poured their own tea (campbell drank lemonade because she didn't like the tea. what???!!) and ate little pink sugar wafers and apple slices. we gave campbell a half birthday present - a new My Little Pony, Sweetie Belle. Sweetie Belle and JA's Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are somewhere in the bed with them tonight.

each night, the bedtime discussion has been what we would be having for breakfast. tonight, they were so excited that they were having one more breakfast together.

also, i'm sure your mom mentioned the fact that campbell has a little bit of a runny nose. i have given her Benedryl and it seems to be doing better. she didn't ask for as many tissues today. i realized that we needed to break out the Benedryl when we were driving and i heard campbell tell me that my car was "the best". i was thanking her, telling her how sweet she was. and poor Campbell said, "no, it's a mess!" she had a case of "bum in and boop on the botty bop" syndrome.

i just finished washing and folding campbell's clothes. she's sleeping in a nightgown tonight - hearts, I think, so that's the only thing you'll need to throw into the wash when she gets home. thought you might appreciate less laundry than more laundry, if you're anything like me!

i've rambled enough. just know that we're going to miss having her here with us!!


PS: if she comes home saying "booty" instead of "tushie", i'm really sorry. booty is our word of choice around here and i didn't find out that you call it tushie until today. whoops. please, don't wash her mouth out with soap or anything.

If you ever get the chance to "host" a cousin, niece, or nephew, do it. It was some of the most fun we've had all summer. And what memories these girls will have together. I can't wait to do it again soon.


Sweet T said...

The tea party sounds really sweet. The girls will remember that forever!

Pat Allen said...

After reading this, I wanted to do it all over again. Thanks for the wonderful idea of a tea party. So up my alley. Jill and I had such nice times together. Can't wait til August.

Wilson said...

Such fun. I know the girls had a blast. I so wish you had a camera! Maybe a little fairy (wink to Wes) will replace yours soon. Hope I can stop by the Kelly's Kids' show this weekend. I'll be in Clinton that afternoon anyway (just down the road in fact) for a family birthday party and I'm hoping I can slip away. Let me know if you are still planning to have it.