Friday, December 11, 2009


I can't believe Christmas is getting so close! And even more, I haven't blogged the first thing about our Christmas season. I was starting to feel bad about it, but then stopped.

And then I got a FB post from a friend (of a friend that I wished lived closer so I could see her every single day!!) who was wondering what I am cooking, crafting and sewing. I think that was the nicest thing someone said to me all week long!!

But it's because I've been cooking, crafting and sewing that I haven't been feeling too bad about neglecting this old blog. So here's what I've been up to.

1. pork tenderloins, prepared several different ways. I think my husband would eat pork tenderloin for breakfast, lunch and supper.
2. vegetable soup - I love, love, love this soup. I'm in the minority at my house. I've even tried to think like a child and come up with creative ways to present it. Didn't work. So I've also been making chicken nuggets and mac & cheese. Throw in some applesauce and it's a meal, don't you think?
3. amish friendship bread - my husband WAS eating this for breakfast, lunch and supper. I had friendship bread coming out of every corner of my house. I feel bad wasting all the ingredients and starters, but finally just had to give up. But it was de-lish!
4. banana pudding. it's amazing. And even though I'm out of bananas, I'm about to make some banana-less pudding tonight, in the cozy and quiet of my house. If only I could type faster...

1. Knitting scarves to give as Christmas gifts. And one day, maybe after Christmas, I'll do one for me.
2. Does playdoh and paint-by-water count? Needless to say, I'm not doing too much crafting, because I am...

Sewing (Lordy, lordy am I sewing!!)
1. I finally constructed a smocked bishop dress. Like, bought the yards of fabric, cut it out (after I figured out the monster pattern!) had it pleated, smocked it, and finished the dress. I thought I was going to scream several times, but once I finished it and Jordan Ann loved it, I wanted to make another one that very day.
2. Several, several jumpers. But that might taper off, as I was recently informed by my four-year-old fashionista, "I don't prefer jumpers. I would rather you make me smocked Sunday school dresses." Ahhh, I see.
3. Britches & bloomers - britches for Jack, bloomers for JA
4. A pink and brown damask smocked bishop dress for JA. I was determined to get it finished for to wear on Thanksgiving and now she calls it her "Thanksgiving dress" even though there is nothing "thanksgiving-y" about it.
5. Pillows for my sewing room and playroom. Haven't finished it them all yet. Believe it or not, I'd rather make clothes.
6. Super-hero capes for a handful of super-heros in my life. I can't wait for my two to see them for Christmas!
7. Another bishop dress with some serious smocking on it. I'm hoping to get it finished without JA seeing the finished dress and give it to her on Christmas morning. After waiting for me to finally make something with the fabric she picked out, I think she'll be just as excited about this as her Bitty Baby from Santa. You think? Well, maybe not. We'll see.

After Christmas projects
1. Knit hats with crochet flowers
2. Easter outfits - oh, how will I decide on that? And how do you dress a three-year-old boy for Easter? Glad I don't have to decide that tonight.
3. Pillows for my bedroom with leftover fabric from the bedskirt I had made three years ago.
4. Piping. I want to figure out how to sew piping for those smocked piped insert tshirts. That way I still get some "matchy matchy" without the boy john john.

Okay, so that's it. I wish I could post pictures. But that's another reason why I haven't been updating. My computer had a major virus and had to be re-built. I'm working on Windows 98 now. Talk about old school. This is what I had in COLLEGE, people! Needless, there is not a program that can read my pics, much less upload them to the internet. So, you'll have to use your imagination!

Off to make the banana-less pudding. Wish you could come over for some!


Kelly Kennedy said...

WOW!!! You are a busy lady! I have read your post four times and I still can't take it all in!!! I wish you could teach me to knit! Please come visit during the kids holiday break. Katherine and I would love it.

Wilson said...

You are certainly a busy little bee! Just reading that made me tired. I bet it feels great though to be so productive and mark things off your list.

Linkis Family Love said...

Carly: Did you know you can freeze the Friendship bread starters? We were in that same craze of loving it, but having it overtake us, and I found this out. I now have 6 in my freezer ready to go when we'd like! Just thought I'd pass that along.
I agree with the above...wish you could teach us to knit. So many people do it now, and it sounds like so much fun. I needlepoint, but it is quite expensive, and who am I kidding...the time to do either is very elusive!
Merry CHRISTmas!!!
Kelli <><<