Thursday, December 31, 2009

We're Real Party Animals Around Here

Mmmm, New Year's Eve. Isn't this supposed to be a night to "par-tay?" Yeah, well some party at my house.

It's 10:10pm. I'm not kidding you when I tell you that my husband is snoring. Yes, s-n-o-r-i-n-g. I'm dressed in old-as-dirt, mismatched flannel pajamas. My children are coughing up a lung in their sleep, feverish with strep throat.

I'm wide awake. And bored.

I suppose I could turn on the TV and ring in the new year with Ryan Seacrest and 10 million of my closest friends in Times Square.

I wonder if I can find some streamers and kazoos in my party stash and at midnight, host a celebration for one. Or better yet, jump on the bed, blowing the kazoos and send my snoring husband through the roof. I'm laughing even now at the possibilities.

Although, if I go that route, perhaps I should at least find some clean pajamas that match.

PS: I can think back on all the new years parties I've been to over the years and you know what my conclusion is? I'm getting old. Very old.


Wilson said...

Girl...I'm right there with ya! Just spent the last 30 minutes in a hot bath shaving my legs...which was much needed by the way. My-- how times have changed! Happy New Year!

Pat Allen said...

Not to worry! When y our children are all grown up, you and Wes can go par-tay again. Dad and I had a great time last night at friends house. It was our 27th year to celebrate together with these friends. Most of u s only see each other once a year. It was much fun, but the only difference to when we were young, we were home in bed by 10;30. The old ball in Times Square drops whether we watch it or not. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

odomfamilyfun said...

should have called me. Troy & kids were in bed and sleeping by 10 & I was just hanging out. I should have been cleaning but I think I'll do that tonight! Hope your house gets well soon :)

Alissa said...

Ummm...I spent NYE on my sofa, but my husband was awake with me. I can't believe you were in mismatched pjs! I remember you making a comment in college that you can't sleep well if your pjs don't match. I often think of that when I put on my pjs because they never match.

Hope 2010 is great for you and your family!

Carly Winborne said...

I'm laughing out loud, Alissa! I still feel that way today! Drives my husband crazy when I make such a big deal about the kids having tops and bottoms that match. For the record, the pajamas I was wearing last night weren't the ones I actually wore when I got into bed. Those were just my "pre-pajamas!" ha! ha!