Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the pinata

Wes and I had such fun making this pinata for Jordan Ann's party. But I think the kids had more fun trying to break it. The instructions we were following told us to use 4-5 layers of newspaper. We were tired after three. Imagine how hard it would have been with all 5 layers!

We ended up having to cut into the bottom so the bigger boys could finally break into it. Out poured the goodies. I think everyone ended up taking home something fun from the pinata.

I know you can buy these at party stores everywhere, but if you need one for your own party, try making one. It was really easy and although it probably would have been something JA would enjoy, we worked on it at night after she was in bed already. Each morning when she woke up, she was excited to see how the pinata had transformed overnight. Maybe next year she can get her hands dirty and help with it.

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Mommy said...

You are sooo brave to make a pinata! It turned out so cute :)