Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day

I love May. Perhaps because as a child, it was the end of school and the beginning of summer. Or maybe because it's the "prettiest sounding" month of the year.

Both my children were due in May. Although, Jack decided he would prefer April and came 2 1/2 weeks early. Jordan Ann gave us a false alarm on Mother's Day, only to have the nurses send us home in the middle of the night (rolling their eyes in the process, I'm sure.). Then she hung in there snug as a bug until she was induced 4 days early. She's always had a mind of her own, that sweet girl.

So today's May Day and I'm happy. I just love May.

I want to make one of these and secretly deliver it to your door this afternoon. Since I can't, please accept my May Basket with so much love.


Tyanne said...

I am partial to May myself...that whole birthday thing and all. Love the basket.

Wilson said...

What a nice touch of sunshine to get us all ready and excited about summer!

Mommy said...

How sweet...thank you!! I love May also because it's our wedding anniversary!