Thursday, April 30, 2009

Choo Choo Cookies

I wanted to give something other than toys for the party favors for Jack's party. (Besides, what mother would want her kids coming home with a train whistle? You can thank me later.)

I really wanted to give Thomas the Train trains as party favors but have you looked at the price of them? Times the number of children at our party. Equals not in my party budget.

So I settled for train cookies. I had a ball making these, figuring out how to make royal icing that hardens this century and then bagging them up cute.

My children loved the broken ones. So did my husband. Oh, who am I kidding? I loved them, too.


Tyanne said...

I thank you for no whistles, passed on the idea at Sam's party as well.
Those cookies were so good!! Sam asked for one the other day!! Sam actually got a whistle with some of his bday stuff.....for some reason it didn't make it home....hmmmm.

Erica said...

Please move here. I miss you so! =)

Jessica said...

Ohhh those look sooo yummy!!! What a creative way to bag them as well.

Mommy said...

They look so delicious! What a great idea!