Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Sweet Morning In The Park

We went to the park this morning and we were the only ones there. Jordan Ann had requested to go to a specific park in town -- "the one by Gammy's house with the fire truck". (To the girls who usually go parking with us, you were missed. JA asked no less than 14 times where our friends were!)

But being there, just the three of us, was rather nice. It brought back memories of when JA was a baby and she and I LOOKED for places to go and things to do just us, because none of my friends nearby had babies yet.

It was a little chilly this morning and luckily I had jackets in the car (right next to the loose Cheerios and sippy cup with what used to be milk -- I know, nice!).

I was able to sit and watch them play, run, slide and hop around together as friends. When they needed a break, they came to me for a drink and handful of Apple Jacks. Then they quickly scampered off.

Even as I write this, I have tears in my eyes. I know that in they fastest blink of an eye, they won't be little anymore. They won't be calling out, "Watch me, momma!" every 45 seconds. Their legs will finally move as fast as their minds want them to and there will be no more clumsy falls.

Jordan Ann won't be wearing a white sweater buttoned at the top with a pink bow in her hair as big as her head. Jack's little New Balance tennis shoes will one day be bigger than my size 8 flip flops.

They will not be content running and playing, singing and laughing on a playground such as this.

Oh, but what joy and pleasure I have had today watching and listening as they tried climbing up the slide and laughed hysterically as they slid to the bottom.

And then that moment when I heard Jack say, "Hi 'Nan (which rhymes with "train") when she got to the top of the stairs where he was standing. She enthusiastically said, "Hi Jack" right back to him and put her arm around him for a sweet hug. Can I tell you that I almost lost it right there?

One of my prayers of many for their precious lives is that years from now they will share a very special bond of family and friendship just like they are showing me now as little children.

I realize that I have just rambled and shared random details for no other reason than to say:

I've had a full cup mommy moment with my children today.


Wilson said...

Those moments are the best. When you're a mom, you certainly take the bitter with the sweet. Sounds like today was truly the "sweet."

Tyanne said...

Hope you got my message this morning, missed seeing you. Glad you had such a fun time!