Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter From A Child's Eyes

We had a wonderful Easter filled with several egg hunts, parties and lots of candy! Here are a couple of pictures from a fun Easter Egg Hunt hosted at Mati Claire's house. (You can click here to see more details from Carrie's blog.) And every last detail was arranged at this party. Carrie, her mom and sister thought of everything.

Although my attempt at a decent a group picture was just a joke, I think these pictures tell the story of this fun Easter party nicely.


Carrie said...

aw thank you! What a nice complement and I'm glad yall enjoyed it. Love the collage of pictures. We're still recovering from Easter weekend!

Tyanne said...

Those are some beautiful children in those pics!!! I am campaigning that the Miley Easter Egg Hunt become a tradition!!!

Pat Allen said...

If all these precious kids stay friends, what fun it would be to have these pics at their weddings