Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're Expecting!

Baby birds, that is. {But did I get your attention?}

Several weeks ago, Jordan Ann pointed out that we had a bird in our geranium right outside the window. We watched as the bird assembled a nest, and wondered if we would really see her laying eggs. Days went by with nothing new except the perfectly built nest.

Two days ago, Jordan Ann was doing her regular check on the nest and found a surprise! There were eggs in the nest. Later, we saw the mommy bird tucked in, keeping her eggs warm.

Since then, JA has checked on the mommy bird hourly from the time she wakes up until she goes to bed. Yesterday she asked if she would be able to see the baby birds after her nap.

How long does it take for birds to hatch? Are we going to be checking on birds for days, weeks or months? And if you're a bird watcher and can tell us what kind of bird we have here, leave a comment please. I'm dying to know!

{Does anyone besides me find it ironic that I redesign my blog using birds and am now, days later, making a post about birds in my geranium? Very, very strange.}


Carrie said...

Ha! Yes, I find it ironic... am I the only one who noticed you have FIVE birds on your new header??? hahahahahahahaha! lol! Are you SURE you're just teasing with the title??? ;) hahahahaha!

Now I see the encrypted word below is actually "pooter"! ha! hmmm...maybe a name for one of the new baby birds (the real ones outside!)

Mommy said...

yes...that is ironic! I really thought the post was going to say that you were really expecting a baby...ha! I love your new's very original!