Thursday, April 9, 2009

An Attitude of Gratitude

With so many thoughts running through my head, I'm not sure where to start. Do you ever get those feelings that there's so much to think about that it all seems fuzzy? Blurry? Hard to make out? That's where I am tonight.

So, I thought I would stop for a minute and write what I know to be true.

I'm so thankful. Thankful for so many things . . .

1. That I have a Heavenly Father that listens to my pleas, and answers my every call. I see that He is at work in my life daily. It's humbling and I'm honored to be one of His beloved children.

2. Everlasting life, paid in full at Calvary, many Easters ago.

3. The husband and children that are mine to care for. And the home that we create together as a family. I just love it.

4. And then there's the trivial, but still important things to be thankful for. Things like Easter meals planned for our family, with groceries already purchased. Baskets and goodies for the kids. Eggs in the fridge to boil and color with two wiggly and excited children.

5. New and challenging projects to keep my mind from simply melting into a heap of "mommy brain."

6. Birthdays and birthday parties for my children within the next month. (Be on the lookout for some train and cupcake party ideas!)

7. The joy of "child chatter." Hearing JA play in her imaginary world of princesses and pirates while Jack begins to string full sentences together brings me so much pleasure. I love listening to them play.

8. A quiet home filled with comfort and peace that only comes from our Father.

Give thanks to the Lord. His love endures forever.
-- Psalm 107:1 --

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Pat Allen said...

I love your attitude of gratitude. I feel the same way.
Time passes so quickly. One day your wash will be significantly less and it will be missed. I promise.