Monday, April 20, 2009

Stage Fright

I want to make a post, really I do. But I don't have much to say (or am I running low on energy and that's why I can't come up with anything?).

I've spent the afternoon making a "dress rehearsal" cake for Jack's birthday party. I just thought it would be too cute to mess up at the 11th hour, so I wanted to do a trial run. Turned out decent, so I'm glad I did it. Now I'll know what to do to improve for the real thing.

Speaking of dress rehearsal, JA's ballet recital was this past weekend. Can I just tell you that I felt like I have been holding my breath for her all week long? I'm so glad it's over. (And I've since exhaled.) She did a fantastic job ----- at the dress rehearsal. At the recital? Not so much. She screamed when I left her, which made me cry, too. And then when her dancing debut came up, she stood there. Literally, just stood there. The night before at the dress rehearsal, she did 100% of the dance. On cue. Perfectly. I suppose she had stage fright. Or was a dancing diva drama queen.

Oh, but she was cute.

Didn't I start this post with nothing to say? Oh yeah. I did. I'm done now.

Off to enjoy peace and quiet tonight and do a little smocking. (I'll post pictures soon, I'm working on my second dress!)


Tyanne said...

She is PRECIOUS in that ladybug outfit!!

Jessica said...

TOO CUTE! I love the outfit.

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness! Look how darling she is. I can not wait for MC's first recital. I promise you - you did not waste any time or money in the past year...stage fright is just part of the experience. Take a picture of the cake! or did they eat it already???

Bethany said...

How CUTE are those lady bugs!! What darling costumes!! Bummer on the stage fright...I can totally relate!!

Hope you are doing well! Can't wait to see pics from the party!

odomfamilyfun said...

love her outfit and her long pigtails.....can't believe how long her hair is. it is beautiful! when i was in dance recitals as a child i didn't stand still, but my eyes NEVER left the girl to my right...i watched her every move and was about 3 steps behind....oh the days!

Kelly Kennedy said...

What a doll! Love the costume! Kat's recital is Saturday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!