Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm No "Ace of Cakes".

Are you familiar with that show on The Food Network? I've watched it a couple of times and thought to myself, "what's the big deal?" Yeah, well. I now have a new-found respect for people who bake and decorate beautiful cakes.

I decided to try my hand at it for Jack's party. While shopping online for plates and napkins, I found this cute train pan. I read about it, looked at the pictures and thought I would add it to my cart and see what I could do.

I wanted to do something for his party that was different than the typical cake that matches the napkins or cupcakes (saving that for his sister's cupcake party). So a train cake it would be.

I wrote last week that I had a cake dress rehearsal to see how it would turn out. So glad I did. I ended up making several adjustments and figured out that I was decorating the cake backwards. (Only I would do that!) So decorating the cake for the real deal went much smoother.

I think the most fun was mixing all the icing colors. I felt like I was playing with grown up playdoh.

I wish I had taken pictures of the process for you. But honestly, I was so nervous, that I didn't have the forethought to do so. Instead, here's the finished product.


Tiffany Brooks said...

so cute!!!

Amanda said...

Wow! Looks great!!

Erica said...

WOW, this is VERY impressive!!!!

Wilson said...

Great job!

Sweet T said...

The cake looks awesome! I know that was very time-intensive.

Mommy said...

Good job Carly!! I am impressed :) I had a cupcake party for my little girl who just turned 2 on April 11th! Have fun planning that one! I know I did :)

Anonymous said...

I love the cake!! It is too cute!!!