Friday, April 3, 2009

Kelly's Kids Party

I'm hosting a Kelly's Kids Party on Sunday afternoon. If you're interested in coming (and are local!) please let me know. It's a "come and go" from 2:30 - 4:30. I'd love for you to come.

These clothes are just adorable. I've been flipping through my catalog and have more pages dog-eared than not. Oh no!

Plus, these Sun-N-Sand sandals are $28. (Last weekend, I saw them at Stride Rite and Shoe Choo Train for $33.50). I think we have these in every size and the white and red ones that were JA's are now Jack's. They're great!


Tiffany Brooks said...

hey there. mine at stride rite were 29.95. also, they have them at sweet dreams for like 26 but are really low on them but you may could luck up and find the size you need. another thing, my friend alisa found some at leap frog in madison(brown ones) that looked brand new and they were 6 bucks.

Erica said...

We bought some of this stuff last year from the Madras plaid line. SO SWEET. Good luck deciding! =)