Friday, May 22, 2009

this is why i voted 10 times

I watched American Idol on Tuesday, as I always do. Then I proceeded to sit there and hit redial over and over and over. I got through 10 times.

Can I tell you how much I love Kris Allen? From the very beginning, I thought there was something different about him. (Plus, he's from the South and I have a tendency to cheer for my fellow Southerners.)

And then today, I read this post on Kelly's Korner and watched a You Tube video of Kris leading in worship at his home church in Conway, AR!! This makes me like him even more!

If you don't click to read the post yourself (but I hope you do!), let me tell you the best part...

Apparently, Kris told his mom that "he needed one more week because he was witnessing to Adam and needed a little more time with him." I have chills.

I truly believe this: Almost 100 million votes were cast in this finale and Kris turned up the winner, because our sovereign God saw fit to bless HIS child in an abundant way.

Now I feel like it's my honor to begin praying for him, his new wife, their marriage and their witness. What an opportunity they have! My prayer is that they will be strengthened as a result of this recognition. And also, that the seed that Kris Allen planted in the heart of Adam Lambert won't be wasted. Won't you pray for these lives, too?

I fell asleep last night before the report came on, but on Bill O'Reilly last night, he was reporting on American Idol in his Culture Wars segment. I'll see if I can find the link to this story, as I think it relates to the "WHY" on Kris Allen's win on American Idol.

God's at work here. Don't you feel it?


Wilson said...

Wow--that gave me chills!

Mommy said... too I voted several times for him :) I am proud of him. Love his character....such a sweet boy :)