Friday, May 15, 2009

So Long. I'll Miss You.

Playschool. Today's the last day. And I'm so sad.

For two reasons.

One: it's over and there's no playschool during the summer. And because there's no playschool during the summer, I have no organized activity for my children yet. I suppose I should get creative, right? I will. Hopefully.

Two: it's over for Jordan Ann forever. Next year, she'll go to real PREschool. She's already appealing to my sentimental side and told me the other day that she didn't want to go to preschool but wanted to "just stay at home with you." She had real, live tears in her eyes. So, in less than 2 seconds, I had tears in my eyes, too. I'm such a sap.

The fall will be an adjustment for everyone. Admittedly, I will struggle the most, I'm sure.

But we're not thinking about that just quite yet.

Instead, I'm taking them to school for parties and playtime and I'm coming home to finish the last details for her party.

And I'll probably cry at some point today as I prepare to celebrate that my pink little burrito baby is turning FOUR tomorrow. Why has it gone so fast? When did I blink?

Jordan Ann at three years old. Today's the last day. And I'm so sad.


Amy said...

O.K., now I see what you meant on my blog. The first one is truly the hardest. But, I promise, if you change your mindset (as I had to do) from the fact they she is growing up too fast and look at all the opportunities she has as she grow, it gets easier. Both of my boys have LOVED preschool. In fact, Collin went all 5 days during three year old preschool which I didn't do with Caleb. I was trying to hold on a little longer. BUT, he loved it so much. And, that made it easier for me. Where will she go?

Have a fun party weekend.


Wilson said...

Enjoy the party and her last day as three! They grow up so fast!

Anonymous said...

Well reading this post certainly brought tears to my eyes. I have been so sad about it also and knowing that we are fixing to start a new chapter in life is very bittersweet!! We can do it girl!! About the blinking comment, I have been wondering the same thing.


Kelly Kennedy said...

Yes, I updated my blog. I also searched the internet for premade smocking kits, checked smocking class schedules and fully planned Kat's bday party.

I need a playdate in a big way. And maybe a piece of chocolate :)

Erica said...

Ok, if you need a fun summer MEMORABLE activity, make the trip to St. Louis -- we'll send the husbands out golfing and we'll hang with the kiddos and all have a fantastic time!!!
I would LOVE to see you again!